Season 1 Edit

Was an agent for a gun Blowback bought for cheep. Originally while in the gun she was flirtatious and called Blowback 'darling'. As part of a joke by Caber and Sudo she was transferred into Blowback's new cyber eyes. Due to a malfunction of the gun her personality had been modified, now that she no longer had the malfunction she displayed less flirtatious manner and more of a communist Mother Russia personality. She was helpful after that in some ways but was mostly a nuisance to Blowback. After making Blowback's vision turn off while he was driving he asked Sudo to move her into his van as a means of containment for a while. She was very unhappy about this and it took some time, and restrictions, for her to accept where she was. Ultimately she wanted to go back to the gun as that was her home. After playing a few rounds of "Iron game of second world war", and loosing to Glitch due to cheat/hacks, she was transferred back into Blowback's eyes to do some surveillance.