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Violet is a student of St. Thom Huell who first appeared as part of the STH quiz team to the Brain Olympics in London, alongside her friend, Janet. She appeared to be a generally quiet girl has displayed some attraction towards Barnaby Crimp, described as having very pale skin and dark hair. Violet and Janet spent most of the incident at the Alexandria locked in their rooms.

Later, she expressed some interest into visiting a nightclub to Barnaby after she and Janet encountered Barnaby as he visited his friends Ned and Brian Phillips in hospital. This was a relatively marked change from her previously-withdrawn personality.

With the re-opening of The Basement nightclub in Little Rosewater, Violet attended alongside her friends, later dancing (most) of the night with Barnaby. In the process, she left her handbag with Imogen and Layla. Partly due to Imogen's kleptomanic tendencies her handbag was dropped on the ground, and her necklace stolen by an unknown individual.

Later, she returned to the school by bus, after having kissed Barnaby.

As the night refused to end, it transpired that Violet's necklace may have been involved. The group searched through the CCTV of the nightclub and Violet's necklace was observed to have been stolen when her handbag was dropped by a man in a leather jacket. This would spur on a whole night of adventure.


This section contains significant information about recent episodes or about a character that may be considered spoilers.


When Barnaby and Imogen found the necklace in Vince's Pawn Emporium, it was revealed that Violet was a grotesque vengeance demon whose power resided within the necklace, the necklace moving from underneath the shop counter to Violet's neck when Barnaby tried to take it. She had caused the night to end, allegedly having taken pity on James being treated unfairly and excluded by the rest of the group.

After a struggle with Barnaby, Imogen and James, where Violet had an upper hand, Violet's necklace was destroyed by Barnaby with a hammer after an initial failed attempt by Imogen. This released a burst of power, apparently turning Violet into a human. She later threw away her broken necklace and ran away, angrily declaring that she had been doing her job (i.e. being a vengeance demon) for 300 years, and the group had ruined all of that.

She apparently has remained as a student as STH. Her intentions are unknown at this time, though she was not unreceptive to a proposal for a revenge-influenced magical ritual involving Tears of Regret from one who has been to Arashmaharr, which Violet could provide, having been to Arashmaharr, the home of vengeance demons. She also hinted that she was in the area not because of James' desire for vengeance, but because of Imogen's, which were much, much larger.

Violet also emphatically mentioned that she was not dating Barnaby, stating that he was "too smooth and bumpy in the wrong places".

After losing her power, Violet settled in poorly as a student, finding mortal life restless. As a result of not having been mortal for years, she was taught by Layla to clean her teeth, noting that she shouldn't eat toothpaste. Violet notably complains about a lot of things that were irrelevant to her once, but are now things she now has to take care of.

As she attempted to cope, Violet retained some skill at magic, using it to make sigils in her rooms and other people's rooms of interest which she could spy on in her room. Violet probably observed some bonking as a resutl of this. Once this was discovered, she was called a voyeur and a pervert by the others. Nonetheless, a friendship appeared to develop between her and the others catalysed by Layla teaching her how to brush her teeth and wear makeup. Violet also developed a like for bunny slippers.

A Friend, of Sorts?Edit

Violet was asked to assist in the campaign against the fallen angel Penemue, whom the others managed to convince Violet was a being of great power by showing her that he had power over pen and ink by scrawling an insulting message towards Penemue on paper, which changed not long after they wrote it into something demeaning towards the writers. Violet joined the group at the latter stages of the fight, agreeing to assist in a spell which gave the appearance of Imogen trying to cast a spell outside the school by the woods. Violet consented after getting agreeing through Imogen that if they were incorrect, she could cast boils on Barnaby, who insisted that they should not be below the waist.

This had the effect of luring out Penemue, in his guise as Mr. Penrose. Violet initially attempted to stay out of the fight, but was quickly convinced by the threat he posed after Penemue threw Imogen at her. Grabbing an enchanted Lindt chocolate bunny from inside her blazer, she wrote Mr. Penrose's name on it and broke it, temporarily turning him into a rabbit, which changed the balance of the fight quite rapidly. This allowed Layla to utilise a Dagon Sphere to severely weaken Penemue when he was vulnerable after his metamorphosis. After Penemue returned to his human guise after the deployment of the Sphere, Violet used crystals to draw attention to Penemue to assist in landing attacks. Despite her major part in the victory, which the others conceded, Violet stormed off after they brought up her part in James' wish and their part in depriving her of a job some time past.

Despite sulking, she was invited to the victory party by the group, which she arrived late too and observed James being killed by gunfire and Robert being wounded. An enraged, topless Imogen improvised a spell to heal Robert before running off, Violet following her, finding it hot.

After some discussion and demanding from Imogen, Violet helped Imogen restore Miller's soul using the heart of the Golem as an act of revenge. After restoring Miller's souls and Imogen losing her extra power they spoke for a bit and went to the hospital.

Violet later visited Robert in the hospital, where the two discussed why vengeance was important to her. She mentioned that doesn't seem to care about anything and that she only granted James wish because it would be fun, and not because she cared about James. She says the reason she doesn't care was probably because she was immortal. Robert retaliated, stating that he would prefer to be mortal and care about people than immortal and indifferent, chastising Violet for her apathy. Violet noted that she appreciated the talk, departing.

Later, Violet observed Imogen and Layla making out in the common room, barring the doors to give them some privacy and playing Barry White. Unfortunately, Robert did not get the hint and later observed the two making out. Later, Violet attempted to get some from Barnaby, to be rebuffed by slamming his face in her door, and was then further rebuffed by Robert after she had entered her room.

During the aftermath of Penemue's death, Violet grabbed one of Penemue's books on his body, with the other taken by Imogen. Violet later read this book, which turned out to be a portal to the Library of Fates Told and was teleported there on glancing at a particular page. Trapped in the library, she was probably a lost cause until Imogen and Layla also got trapped in the book due to Layla entering Violet's unlocked room and Imogen later seeing the book through the unlocked door. There the three encountered each other, observing Violet fighting and running away from an arachnid-thing, and eventually escaped thanks to Imogen and Layla possessing Penemue's pen, which they used to contact Robert through a book detailing his life.

After escaping, Violet expressed interest in Robert after reading about his intimate dreams about Janet and attempted to seduce him. Whether this was for ulterior reasons or not wasn't established.

After James' funeral, Violet was not included in the efforts to contact James, though was presumably aware of Robert's attempt to contact heaven due to a spy sigil in his workshop, which was eventually erased by Layla. After the others started to display odd behaviour, Barnaby, Robert and Layla confronted Violet, who they gently accused of causing the issue, which a confused Violet said that she had no idea what they were talking about. She revealed that their issue was most likely the result of a merger of souls as a result of breaching dimensions, admitting she was dismayed that the others had not included her in their latest adventure (especially after speaking to Robert beforehand that she needed to contact her "employers" to settle her accounts). She was nonetheless excited by Layla smashing Brian in the "gentleman's area" in the cafeteria, eating pizza as she did so.

She later followed them to Barnaby's storage units, where she helped unlock Robert's suit, which he had activated as he was losing consciousness due to Imogen draining his blood, thanks to Violet having spied upon Robert as he was working in the workshop. She also helped exorcise the alternate selves from the group's bodies. Barnaby, the only one really fully capable at the time, thanked her for her assistance and offered to include her in future adventures before suggesting she help take Imogen and Layla back to their dorms.

As a result of her recent encounters with the group, Violet appears to be more accepting of her new life as a mortal, accelerated by the frank discussions with Robert. She was rather put a back and excited by Barnaby and Layla's request for Violet to join them to help Robert in the hospital. Devoid of any remaining chocolate bunnies, Violet proved to be extremely helpful in the ensuing adventure. Using her spy sigils, Violet used it to monitor several rooms as the group moved from location to location, using the cardboard backing of her notebook as a surface onto which to inscribe the observation sigils. She was carried by Barnaby throughout due to the lack of external sensory facilities while using the sigils and seemed to enjoy the experience.

Later, she was left behind at STH when the group and Robert's father, Mr. Davidson, went to the Parkers' for Christmas. She was extremely unhappy about this, choosing to burn the presents she had bought for the group. In her loneliness, she tried to turn John the Frog back into a human but failed, turning him into a rabbit then back into a frog of a different colouration which Layla realised. Violet felt somewhat guilty after Layla explained Christmas to her, and especially after Layla invited Violet to have kebabs and pizza with the others.

When the group were faced with the dilemma of Barnaby's true parentage, the three at STH - Layla, Barnaby and Robert - tried to convince Violet to help them. When trying to research why Layla was unable to discuss the matter, they tried to get Violet's help and she accepted after being given the last slice of pizza. However, as they were unable to explicitly state why they wanted her help when they tried to get her to join them in a fight against a senior Drox demon, she refused. Later attempts to get her help were also rebuffed, even when they offered to tell her on the journey.

Robert attempted to convince her to join them, but when he suggested that the principle of "an eye for an eye" was acceptable, she ran off. Later during the fight against Bur'nakk, Violet showed up from a hedge, intending on turning Barnaby fully human. However, she did not know about Barnaby's deal, and ended up turning Bak'tarbe, the split Drox form of Barnaby, human; Bak'tarbe was then teleported away by The Child. Violet, completely bewildered about the situation, promptly ran away.

Later, Layla and Imogen went to ask Violet about why this had occurred; when they knocked on the door, Violet did not answer though Layla heard movement inside. When Layla tried to pick the lock and enter, she was briefly turned into a rabbit, causing Imogen to chew Violet out somewhat. When interrogated about how she turned Bak'tarbe human, Violet confessed that she wasn't skilled enough to prepare the spell herself and that this was facilitated by a creature named Azul [sic?]. The other two briefly explained to Violet what had occurred, and informed her how "an eye to an eye" was an incorrect point of view and tried to steer her towards more modern understandings of justice. Before they left they extended an offer for her to join them in revising for their exams, which Violet declined.

Later Layla asked Violet about if she had done anything to John when the frog somehow teleported outside and started burning, but Violet could not provide an answer. Later that night, Violet hammered on the girls' door as she was awoken by the Cupid LLC Employee who was looking for them.

Personality and traitsEdit

This section contains significant information about recent episodes or about a character that may be considered spoilers.

Vengeance, or not?Edit

Violet is a dark-haired, pale-skinned girl with a particularly irreverent manner, regarded by the others as being somewhat sociopathic, an issue on which she has been confronted on by both Imogen and Robert. She has a healthy sense of self-preservation, and placed great pride and focus upon her "job" as a vengeance demon, which she performed for 300 years. Consequently, she is also very out of touch with modern norms and behaviour but is also rather touchy about her age.

She is easily bored by mundane affairs in the modern day, finding it more boring compared to when she was a teenager several hundred years ago. As a result, she displays a rather hedonistic demeanour, revelling in adventure and the chance to join the group. She has a fondness for pizza, in particular, pineapple pizza.

In combat, she is adept with magic, albeit not necessarily direct magic like Imogen, but ritual magic. She is known to have used transformation magic in the form of chocolate bunnies to transform opponents into rabbits, and illusion magic in the form of crystals to draw attention to opponents so that attacks may be easier. Her bunny slippers may also be enchanted.


Barnaby- slightly attracted, decent friends

Layla- Decent friends, scared that Layla might kill her

Imogen- Imogen is the most warry of Violet by far

Robbert- Good friends, takes advice, 1 rejected sexual advance, currently trying to ship Rob and Janet

Janet- Good friends, friendship faded after Janet lost her intelegence briefly