Sudo is a human technomancer that has featured in both seasons of shadowrun who acts as the hacker for the group.

After the first season ended he went into hiding for two years in the Allied German States 

Once hacked Blowbacks eyes to put the Communist personality of Blowbacks brand new AK-97 there.  

Sudo has been involved in the past with the Deus during the Renraku Arcology Incedent that led to the Matrix Crash 2.0.  

Originally an otaku created by Deus, Sudo harbors a bit of Deus inside of him. Because of this, Large wanted to inject him with nanites to extract Deus out of Sudo. This caused Large to reveal how he has worked with NeoNet and can risk releasing Deus on the world once again.  

Game Master None
Main Cast Sudo [SR1, SR2]Carolinus Dracul [DH]Enoch Epidicus [DH]Nos'on Silwét [D&D]Lt. Rolf Taggart [SWN]Ulysses [SWN]Balthier [SR2]
Guest and Specials Cast None