Stars Without Number is the second ongoing series on Roll4It. The series uses a mix of the old and new Stars Without Number roll play system rules. The new edition is still being revised so rules tend to unexpectedly change between the episodes.

Stars Without Number TRAILER - Roll4It

Stars Without Number TRAILER - Roll4It

Background Edit

In the early twenty-second century, humanity discovers the spike drive, a method of faster than light travel that allows them to travel between stars using dimensional routes through so-called 'Drillspace' or 'Metaspace'. This drive is far from perfect, however. It is dangerous to those who use it, and it can take up to a year for travelers to reach their destination.

Eventually, the spike drive is largely replaced by jump gates. These jump gates, with the help of a psychic, allow a ship to travel between two gates nearly instantaneously. Though the use of the jump gates humanity begins to expand their reach almost exponentially.

Unfortunately, this network of jump gates collapses when a galactic event called 'the Scream' kills most of the human psychics and drives the few that survive insane. In seventeen minutes time, the human worlds are cut off from one another and those worlds that relied heavily on the gate network die when critical supplies can no longer be shipped to them.

Those worlds that survive eventually begin to send out ships to rediscover the galaxy, map the ever changing dimensional routes and find out which worlds survived and which did not.

The HMS Intrepid is one such ship, and is tasked with exploring the Hydra sector. Will it succeed in this task, or will it be lost among the stars like so many explorers before it?

Episodes Edit

Number Air Date Title Alternate Title Summary VOD
1 May 12 2017 TO ODDLY GO Cowardly Cooper 1: A coward begins The HMS Intrepid exits drillspace, only to encounter a group of hostile ships. Youtube
2 May 19 2017 DIAMOND MUFFIN Cowardly Cooper 2: A cowards hoard Having taken up fuel, the DSRV-1 lands on a nearby planet, and the crew decides to do some bounty hunting for the local authorities. Youtube
3 May 26 2017 THE STAR GAMES PART 1 Cowardly Cooper 3: The coward games (Part 1) It is the biggest annual event in the Persephone system. The prizes are fabulous, and the competition so fierce that it might kill the entire crew. Youtube
4 June 2 2017 THE STAR GAME Part 2 Cowardly Cooper 4: The coward games (Part 2) The thrilling conclusion to the Persephone system's most deadly star games in decades, sees the crew pushed to their very limits. Youtube
5 June 9 2017 AIR Cowardly Cooper 5: Flight of the coward Tensions rise as the crew find their fate left in the hands of their pilot as the dangers of the void become all too apparent. Youtube
6 June 16 2017 WATER Cowardly Cooper 6: The underwater space Vikings With only moments of life support left the crew are forced to evacuate the DSRV, seeking refuge from a hostile environment among strange new people. Youtube
7 June 23 2017 ODIN Cowardly Cooper 7: A cowards end Ever present dangers lurk in the depths of the undersea, dangers that will force the crew into doing battle with monsters of the deep. Youtube
8 June



I, COOPER Youtube
9 July



10 July



11 July 17 2017 DOWN THE TOILET Youtube

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  • Lt. Monroe - Gunnery officier on HMS Interpid, played by Splattercat.
  • Lt. Taggart - Comms officier on HMS Interpid, played by Aavak.
  • Dr. Garrack - Medical doctor on HMS Interpid, played by Daelric.
  • S.A.A.N.D.E.E.P. - Protocol Droid Adventurer Kill Bot, played by Daelric.

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  • HocGaming - Voiceover for the Roll4it Stars Without Number intro video.