The Star Games are a large event taking place in the Persephone System styled after the Hunger Games.

Rules Edit

Twelve unwilling participants, upon entering the Persephone System, are abducted from their ships and teleported to a waiting room. From there they are brought into a large arena with a small central area, six large and hostile biomes around it, and an eighth area seemingly, inaccessibly, floating above.

All participants start equidistant from the center of the arena where some starting eqiuipment, food, and weapons are laid out. After this players can only get what they can take from others, string together from the environment, or are sent by sponsors from the audience.

There is no time limit. In order to win, a player must be the last person still alive in the arena. There are no rules set about how to go about becoming that person; murder is, however, encouraged.

The participants are promised that the best of technologically advanced medical care will be applied in an attempt to revive them after they are killed in the competition - should their aggressor not finish them off too thoroughly.

The winner is promised an artifact of Persephone technology with the last two to go down being promised monetary rewards (possibly awarded posthumously).

Participants Edit

  • David Cooper
  • Salvatore "Stacks" Rizzetti
  • Ulysses
  • S.A.A.N.D.E.E.P.
  • Victoria (shy, scared, but surprisingly adept with bladed weapons; synthetic mind (VI or AI); joined the party's team on Stacks' request) (proceeded to back stab the group what a b***h)
  • Tori (fought the party in the tundra biome; was teleported by death protection (presumably to rocky biome))
  • Merrick (nickname "Asshole"; taunted the party in the waiting room; initially ran into the rocky biome)
  • Jake (nickname "Punk"; hit by orbital laser and later killed by S.A.A.N.D.E.E.P in the jungle)
  • Ivan (Gruff looking man with a scar over one eye; initially ran into the urban biome)
  • Tasha (Dark skin, combat enhancements; initially ran into the fire biome)
  • Silverfang (Japanese, waxed beard; initially ran into the ice plains biome) Killed in a "honorable" duel with Stacks
  • Iro (Guy with weird blue hood; initially ran into the ice plains biome)

Sponsors Edit

Like in the actual Hunger Games, sponsors may send the participants a selection of items. The options range from simple tools and rations to advanced weapons and armor, as well as some effects like teleportation or orbital lasers.

This was implemented by allowing viewers watching the stream to pick from a list of items in exchange for donations to the British Red Cross Manchester fund - helping the victims of the recent attack.

The following donations were made during Episode 3, influencing the game:

Donor Amount Recipient Item Comment
bytemarx $100 Stacks Rocket Launcher
Pwnyou7 $10 Stacks Crude Pistol + 3 Shots
tom555j $100 Cooper Death proof
smeick $25 Victoria Revolver + 3 Shots LET THE GAMES BEGIN!
Condorito_somestuff $25 Cooper Shotgun Do eet for his dissertation. Do it for the lulz.
deshwrench $50 Cooper Motorcycle
ChuiOdie $50 S.A.A.N.D.E.E.P. Combat Rifle + 12 Shots KILLBOT, Let what must be done be done.
Condorito_somestuff $10 Victoria Crude Pistol + 3 Shots Because it's funnier this way.
bytemarx $10 S.A.N.D.E.E.P 3 Days of Rations
ChuiOdie $20 2 Random Hostile NPCs 2 Medium Primitive Weapons Gotta keep things interesting.
joefu3 $195 Stacks Mag Rifle + 5 Shots, Combat Field Uniform, Medkit, 20 Rounds for Mag Rifle, 3 Days of Rations
Mio0akiyama $50 Ulysses Conversion Bow Cuz y not
kenneth_87 $10 S.A.A.N.D.E.E.P. Combat Knife hey good idea about donating to the red cross.. and keep up the, as always, awesome show.
EvalMonkee $50 Cooper Combat Rifle + 12 Shots You sure as hell are going to need it. Also tell Stacks to stay away from my mom.. not cool.
smeick $20 Cooper Crude Pistol + 3 Shots, 3 Days of Rations.
Mio0akiyama $10 Ulysses 8 Arrows
tom555j $100 Tori Rocket Launcher + 1 Rocket
LYoung922 $10 N/A N/A <3
TheUnspeakableh $10 Stacks 3 Days of Rations in the form of a Pineapple Pizza
joefu3 $50 Ulysses Combat Field Uniform
Ehbon $25 Stacks Warpaint Street Gear
tom555j $100 Cooper, Stacks, Ulysses, SAANDEEP, Victoria, Jake, Merrick Orbital Strike on the Middle.
deckard4 $25.62 S.A.A.N.D.E.E.P. Advanced Medium Weapon (Drillspear) If we get tips high enough can we have a musical stream?
ramarus $25 Cooper Shotgun
joefu3 $25 Victoria Medium Advanced Weapon (Vibroblade)
Pwnyou7 $10 Cooper 1 Type-A Powercell
tom555j $200 Tori Mag Rifle +5 Shots, Death proof
bytemarx $100 S.A.A.N.D.E.E.P. Teleport to the jungle biome
joefu3 $25 Ulysses Medium Advanced Weapon (Electrowhip)
tom555j $10 S.A.A.N.D.E.E.P. 3 Days of Rations enjoy yourself
bytemarx $25 Jake Medium Advanced Weapon (Plasma Axe) assuming hes the one in the jungle
Tnoin $10 S.A.A.N.D.E.E.P. 3 Days of Rations More Rations for Sandeep!