Commander Shrath Ta'larr is Captain Evead's second in command aboard USS Revelation, serving both as the ship's executive officer and chief engineering officer.

Ta'larr was involved in the design of the Revelation while at the Advanced Starship Design Bureau, and bears some grudges at being passed over for command of the ship for Evead. The ship is noted as also bearing heavy influences from his design philosophies, resulting in it being overbuilt and heavily armed. Ta'larr has noted sourly in private that he designed and perhaps built by hand some of subsystems on the vessel.

Sometime during his career, Ta'larr became an associate of Starfleet Intelligence Section 31, under Admiral Tu'Pek. It is unknown when this occurred, or how active he was previously. As well as juggling his responsibilities as an XO and the Chief Engineer, Ta'larr is also currently involved in operations for Section 31 while serving on USS Revelation.

Service Record Edit

Date Assignment Notes
2371 USS Revelation Executive Officer,

Chief Engineering Officer

2367-2371 Advanced Starship Design Bureau Involved in design of USS Revelation
2361-2367 USS Tolkien Destroyed at Wolf 359
2359-2361 Starfleet Academy Taught 'Advanced Engineering' and 'Hand-to-Hand Combat'
2357-2359 USS Albion
2354-2357 USS Kirk
2353-2354 Advanced Starship Design Bureau
2353-2353 Starbase Gamma
2350-2353 USS Nautilus
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