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The current and former members of the main cast are:

  • EnterElysium: Main cast member for all series, and the Game Master for Shadowrun, Dark Heresy and Stars without Number.
  • Splattercat: Main cast member for most series, and the Dungeon Master for Dungeons and Dragons.
  • Aavak: Main cast member for most series, was excluded for medical reasons.
  • Mangledpork: (Bentham): Main cast member for Dark Heresy, Dungeons and Dragons, Shadowrun S2, Stars without Number, and Layla the Vampire Slayer.
  • Margaret Krohn: Currently appears on Shadowrun as a Permanent cast Member after starting as a long-term substitute to Aavak, and appears on Layla the Vampire Slayer.
  • Scott Daelric: Permanent cast member which currently appears in Stars without Number, started as a long-term substitute to Aavak during D&D.
  • Shenryyr: Main cast member for Shadowrun S1 and S2, Dungeons and Dragons and Dark Heresy.
  • Steejo: Main cast member for Shadowrun S1.
  • RandomTuesday:Main cast member of Layla the Vampire Slayer and appeared as Horus in Shadowrun Season 2 Episode 11, "Enter SOX".
  • GamingFTL: Main cast member of Layla the Vampire Slayer.

There are also several other streamers who have appeared as guest stars or substitutions:

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Layla the Vampire Slayer: Sundays at noon PST, 8PM BST

None yet: Fridays at noon PST, 8PM BST

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