Hello travelers I am Martin O'Neal, security chief of the main dome on Yolonda 3. This is a automated message from the government of Yolonda 3. The following is all you need to know about the planet that you are orbiting. Edit

Landscape. Edit

Yolonda is the third planet of the third star in the Yolonda sector. It has a very thin atmosphere which mostly exist of lethal gasses from the planets heavy vulcanism caused by the very active core, this also means the planet has a strong magnetic field. The planet is mostly made out of carbon. due to the heavy vulcanism the carbon forms into diamonds which can be found in huge numbers, they are different in size most are as big as marebels but some are big as a hole fists.

History. Edit

Not much is know about Yolonda's history most was lost in time, what is known is that it was part of the Terran Mandate which can be seen on pre-scream star charts. The planet was probably low priority due to the lack of an atmosphere and not having any rare resources. Yolonda survived the silence because it had a few Spike-drive propelled ships.

Government. Edit

The planet is ruled by a council which is democratically elected very four years. Due to low population most of the laws are passed via referendum.

Population. Edit

The population count isn't very high counting between 30 to 50 thousand people which live in several domes spread out over the planet, but there are a few dozen to hundreds of bandits outside the domes which practice illegal mining operations. The bandits are spread out into multiple gangs, many small ones and some big ones vying for power and diamonds.

Thanks again for visiting the Yolonda system, O'Neal out. Edit

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Edit

Dear councilmen, this is my report of security matters in the main dome. Edit

Most recent events. Edit

The most recent interesting news was that an unknown ship called the DSRV-1 jumped in system. They stuck around the star for some days before making planet fall. After one of the crew members activated the ships Spike-Drive (in atmosphere, next to a habitat) they were held under suspicion. The crew had decided that they would take one of the bounty's to take one of the bandit gangs out. They returned successful with three bodies and conformation that they took a shuttle down. Two of the bodies were dead from small caliber fire arms and the third was taken down with a small arms laser fire. Video footage showed that they took the enemy shuttle with one shot.

After they returned local law enforcement took their part of the diamond cargo. The crew also told about a local hustler who sold tax free life support. They offered to set up a trap so that law enforcement could arrest him. After a short hustle where two shot's where fired the criminal known as Mars was arrested and now awaits prosecution. The DSRV-1 left a few hours after that and wasn't heard from again. (If this group is encountered again be careful)

-Security Chief O'Neal Edit