No. 6 is a high ranking member of Demon Core.

General Information Edit

As #3 of the top 3 of Demon Core her associated atom bomb is the third largest nuclear device ever detonated, the Test No. 6. That makes her associated country China, whose flag she displays on her armor.

Despite being part of an organization of toxic mages she is, as far as the party is aware, completely mundane. She wields two oversized revolvers with elongated barrels for which she uses bullets of depleted uranium with incendiary tips.

Story Edit

Episode 12 Edit

She, along with Tsar, Bravo and about a dozen other Demon Core members, attended the handover of the orichalcum from the Ruhrmetall van. This meeting was observed by scouts of the catholic community, which No. 6 was taked with hunting down.

She supposedly shot them in the back, either implying that they were running away or possibly that she likes to utilize stealth. Of the scouts only James made it out, alive but severely traumatized.

Episode 13 Edit

No. 6 was part of a group sent out to attack the party at the catholic community. The party preempted that by leaving early and running into them. She attempted to sneak up on them, hoping that the sniper fire from her comrades would cause them to stop. Gato instead chose to keep driving evasively, prompting her to break stealth and attempt to shoot the car's tires, with which she was only partially successful. However, now in the open, she was swiftly gunned down by the party.

Tag shot her in the chest from point blank range with an APDS round from his sniper rifle, breaking through a protective spell and bringing her to within an inch (2 HP) of death. Deadbolt followed up with a full auto burst from short range, killing her.