"Round here we're all questionable individuals."

Lola is a neo-anarchist living in Frankfurt. She is part of a neoanarchist gang residing in an old dilapidated industrial-era factory building in an underdeveloped part of the city.

She is heavily pierced, having a bunch of ring piercings going up her face along her nose described to look almost like a piece of chainmail. In additon to that she has large spikes going through her ears and the back of her neck. She has also been described as part of a group with big green mohawks and tattoos down one side of them, though it is unclear wether these characteristics apply to her personally. She carries two non-wireless uzis on her hip.

Lola was the one to greet the party when they rented secure rooms in the neo-anarchist hangout as a temporary safehouse. She instructed the gang members not to mess with the party and handed Tag the (physical) keys. To conclude their conversation she patted Tag on the cheek and gave him a slap on the behind, leaving him befuddled.

She sold Tag a vintage Ruger 100 (or Ruger 101, names conflicting in the rule book) sniper rifle.