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A small village in a non-descript part of the United Kingdom, potentially in the Midlands, acessable by the A666 and about three hours away from London, Little Rosewater is a quiet location mysteriously plagued with an unusually high mortality rate, often due to curious accidents. These in particular have focused around the Boarding school in the village, St. Thom Huell. Not particularly prosperous by any means, it appears to be relatively well-off nonetheless.

It is quite likely that property in Little Rosewater isn't particulaly expensive as evidenced by Mr Miller (Biology teacher at St. Thom Huell), owning a relataviely desirable propery on a teacher's salery.

While in the shadow of Greater Rosewater, Little Rosewater has a number of small amenities, such as a town clock and a few local businesses, including a not-particularly busy branch of the relatively significant Phillips Gardening Consortium. It is believed that the Phillips family live in Little Rosewater itself or nearby, as the Phillips twins attend St. Thom Huell.

Regular bus services provide public transport around Little Rosewater and to St. Thom Huell, and there are buses up to Greater Rosewater as well. Rather uniquely for the United Kingdom, the buses are driven by valorous and considerate drivers who have often assisted Layla and the group. It is also serviced by a bus/coach service from London.

The Alley, a hub for the supernatural underworld acting as a drinking hole and as a centre of black market magical item trading, can be found in the area as well. It appears to be largely hidden from the public and its location privy only to those with interest in the Rosewater supernatural "community".

Little Rosewater is also known to have a small single screen cinema.

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