"Oh hey there mate 'ow you dooin?"
―Little Raj's usual greeting

Little Raj is a London-based orc mechanic. He first appeared in Season 1 as one of Blowback's contacts. He made modifications to the Misery Machine and sold the party (mostly illegal) mechaincal devices. He has shared a jail cell with Blowback, making them close friends. Little Raj has reappeared in the second season, still a mechanic and he did some upgrades to Gato Alto's bikes. In his first interaction with Gato Alto in Season 2; Little Raj references Season 1 when his amazing truck was blown up by a drone disguised as a package drone. His popularity grew steadily in Season 1, it is likely he is so loveable due to his personality. He is a Sikh, and is never seen without his turban.