Roll4It: Dark Heresy is a Twitch-based pen-and-paper RPG show that is part of the overall Roll4It series. The show first aired on September 8, 2016, and the first season ran until February 6, 2017. The cast has expressed interest in producing a second season in the future, though currently no information is available on when the show is expected to return.

Series overview Edit

Seasons Episodes Original air date
First aired Last aired
1 21 September 8, 2016 February 6, 2017
Special episodes 1 October 31, 2016 October 31, 2016

Season 1 Edit

# Title Air date Links Summary
1 Arnhaus September 8, 2016 A team of acolytes is assembled on the orders of renowned inquisitor Acaedius Raevarn, and dispatched with all haste to the Forge-World of Arnhaus to investigate a trail of corrupted bionic implants.
2 Haer Iridian September 15, 2016 Following their successful investigation on Arnhaus, the team is sent to oversee the inauguration of a new planetary governor on the feudal world of Haer Iridian. But the suspicious circumstances surrounding the demise of the last governor prompt the acolytes to dig deeper, and they uncover taint far darker than just the intrigue of feuding noble families...
3 Eradus Dyr September 22, 2016 Once the corruption on Haer Iridian if fully cleansed, the team is tasked by the Inquisitor to look into the matter of a suspected smuggling ring operating near the edge of Imperial space. The waters are muddied, however, by the fact that one of the chief suspects, a rogue trader, is a close friend of the team's superior.
4 Emerald Tigress September 29, 2016 After untangling themselves from the web that is the bureaucracy of Eradus Dyr, the team is finally ready to begin their investigation of the rogue trader suspected of smuggling illicit goods into Imperial space. But first, they receive a harsh wakeup-call about the unforgiving realities of inquisitorial service, as men with sharp knives seem to be lying in wait around every corner...
5 R'oh October 3, 2016 On the feral world of R'oh, the acolytes are forced to make an uneasy alliance with the local savages to track down some cargo that could potentially compromise the safety of the entire sector.

But first, the group's true loyalties are tested, as a useful but potentially dangerous xenos specimen must be dealt with. Amid the growing tension, in becomes more apparent who gravitate towards puritanism and radicalism...

6 Servitor October 10, 2016 Having cleansed R'oh of all traces of taint, the team decide to investigate the origins of the smuggled cargo, though it seems that every answer they uncover only raises more questions regarding a certain tech-priest, whose name has been coming up suspiciously often.

Meanwhile, Interrogator Kahn, the team's handler contacts the group about a mission of highly confidential nature.

7 Cypri Copia October 17, 2016 The team is given the somewhat unusual assignment of recovering a book that went missing from the inquisitorial archives of the Eximus sector. Given the bizarre circumstances of their mission, however, they become suspicious of Interrogator Kahn's motives, and begin questioning whether they should follow the orders of their direct superior or those of their inquisitorial patron.
8 Space station Zebra October 24, 2016
9 Hunters in the Dark November 7, 2016
10 The Room November 14, 2016
11 Syrae Custodus November 21, 2016
12 Max Sec November 28, 2016
13 Three Little Nukes December 5, 2016
14 Marshal Trant December 12, 2016
15 Heresy? December 21, 2016
16 Carolinus December 30, 2016
17 Inquisition January 11, 2017
18 Revelations January 17, 2017
19 Sky Beast January 24, 2017
20 Warp Forge Showdown January 30, 2017
21 Civil War Feb 6, 2017