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None yet

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  • John (formerly)
  • Janet
  • Violet
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Story Summary by Blacksun388

Playlist for Layla the Vampire Slayer

Num Air date Name Summary VOD
1 August 13 2017 Bonking in the night General first episode stuff occurs YT, Twitch
2 August 20 2017 Stake through the heart Mr. Miller is missing, then a vampire YT, Twitch
3 August 27 2017 Cheeky Nandos The rugby team turns into trolls YT, Twitch
4 September 3 2017 Bugs in the System A bunch of scarabs attack a quiz in London YT, Twitch
5 September 10 2017 Dancing the night away The group attends a party. At the end of the night, however, something seems off... YT, Twitch
6 September 17 2017 When You Wish Upon a Bar The group continues to find out why midnight still does not pass (continuation of Ep. 5) YT, Twitch
7 September 24 2017

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