"Slayer, The Chosen One: She alone wields the strength and skill to stand against the vampires, demons, and the forces of darkness."

Layla is The Slayer, a once-in-a-generation prodigy at combat, trained and relatively proficient at facing the forces of darkness. She transferred to St. Thom Huell after her parents moved for business from the United States to the United Kingdom, dumping her at a boarding school. Despite a reluctant start, she started to lead a group of fellow students against the monsters in the proximity of the school.

Not unaccustomed to trouble, both mundane and mystical, she spends her days pursuing her personal academic interest of of how to duck classes and dodge teachers, an easy feat considering what she faces at night.

By night she somewhat reluctantly faces down the forces of darkness, dealing with things that are most definitely not rabbits and gardening tools...

Not much is yet known about her history, although she has dodged questions regarding fire and her old school. Whatever occurred seems to have made her more cautious regrading fire, as despite being a rebel, she will not falsely pull the fire alarm in episode 3.

With only four months experience as the Slayer, she has has her hands full with moving to a new country as well as dealing with the local evils, but this time she has a few people who she may almost be able to call friends.

Layla shares Dormitory Room 13 then moved to room 15, after it was trashed by Barnaby in mega demon form, with Imogen Parker, the two now appear to be in a sexual relationship as of episode 14.

Layla is currently a Lesbian as of episode 14.

The Chosen One Edit

As the Slayer Layla has a prodigious amount of skill and competency in the martial arts of all kinds, armed and unarmed, with a strength and dexterity to match. Capable of dealing massive amounts of destruction equal to the rest of the group in some circumstances, Layla is most often the first target for any enemy and yet is almost always prepared for a fight thanks to her rapid healing. Her skills and innate abilities allow her to perform extraordinary feats regularly, and she rarely fails to get an attack in. Despite having been in the United Kingdom for what may be less then two months, she has already racked up a sizeable list of felled enemies, more than the rest of her friends combined.

While on occasion offered weapons to use, Layla still persists in fighting unarmed against opponents. Most notably, this has led to a characteristic use of assaults to an opponent's genitals, which have often worked to great effect. This largely coincided with a fortunate string of male opponents against whom this tactic could be used most optimally and vigorously.

Due to being the most skilled in combat, Layla is often dispatched alongside Imogen or Robert, whomever is the most vulnerable at the time, whenever the team needs to split up. Despite this, Layla can get carried away in the momentum of a fight and leave her slower, more vulnerable companions behind. Before the group started to find their footing, this occasionally left her friends impotent against the threats facing them.

As "the new girl", and an American to boot, Layla generally knows little about the local area and has relatively little influence or reptuation among the school or local community. This, coinciding with the complexity of the threats arrayed against the group, has left her somewhat more dependent upon the rest of the group for help in solving social or intellectual problems. Her personality as a Gothic rebel and loner has not helped.

Layla has displayed a constant urge to hunt down fleeing opponents to the best of her ability whenever the opportunity arose, she did so with a vengeance. While part of this was the result of her hatred against them and it being her job, it is hinted that part of it stems from a desire to protect. She also has some affection for John, the frog in Layla and Imogen's room, protesting strongly against Imogen's suggestion to use John as a guinea pig for a spell and insisting on Imogen finding a way to restore John to humanity, though no progress has been made due to how busy the group has been.

Being the Slayer, Layla has rather readily adopted to life as Imogen's roomate, especially even after an initial attempt by Imogen to scare off Layla with an illusioned tarantula, which failed to faze Layla at all, who in fact found it somewhat endearing. The two have also managed to bond over their formerly-secluded natures. However, with Imogen as the group's primary researcher of the occult, this has occasionally led to Layla observing Imogen's rituals, occasionally failed, though she eventually tuned this out as well, to the point of not noticing Imogen's hair spontaneously combusting at one point.

Wrath of the Slayer Edit

Arriving in Little Rosewater, Layla became the catalyst for all of the shenanigans that would occur in the ensuing weeks. After a rather difficult period of settling in, including being assigned to dorm 13, where most of the space was occupied the effects of the previously-only occupant Imogen Parker, Layla found out that her biology teacher, Mr. Edward Miller, was in fact her Watcher. She was enlisted to join him on a patrol that night. She somewhat-failed to sneak out, having been spotted by the students she was working with in the class - Imogen Parker, Barnaby and Robert. Later, the others pursued her and Mr. Miller to the graveyard, where after some initial conflict and allegations of bonking, the nascent group began to form.

Having already impressed Mr. Miller by surprise-tripping him and holding a stake to his heart, Layla showed her skills to the others by the night's end, arriving to save Imogen, Barnaby and Robert from their former schoolmate and now-vampire, Craig, by sliding across the ground and staking him in the heart. After strongly convincing Barnaby that she and Mr. Miller were not bonking by holding him up with one hand, the group departed, having been informed by Mr. Miller after Craig's dusting about the reality of their situation and Layla's role.

The next day saw the group formed for good, with the four patrolling that night alone while Mr. Miller was supervising detention. With a quiet patrol, Layla led the group to the school's basement. After encountering an ambiguous Mr. Penrose, Layla led the four against a group of demons performing a ritual on a student in the basement. Layla opened the fight by a surprise lethal attack to one's heart, followed by an attack to another that would become the first of what would become a trademark of Layla's fighting style: a flying jump-kick to the groin. In the fight Layla would account for the majority of the slain demons. The student would turn out to be James, and the ritual one intended to open the Hellmouth under the school.

The following day, Layla and the group discovered the biology lab cordoned off with police tape, with signs of a struggle. Following a failed attempt to find traces of Mr. Miller at his house in Little Rosewater, Layla's exceptional senses allowed her to hear Imogen's screams as she was being kidnapped by a group of vampires, and to pursue them to an abandoned building at the edge of the school grounds.

In the ensuing fight against a vampired Mr. Miller, Layla opened with two attacks that should have killed an ordinary vampire. The first, a throw, was intercepted by Miller, but the second, an attack to the heart with a stake that should have killed him, only stopped by a hardened steel breastplate which nonetheless caved under the Slayer's onslaught. An opportunity to exploit this to kill the vampire Miller for good was not granted when he attempted to collapse the building. Similar to how Alexander the Great abandoned the opportunity to capture Darius III at Gaugamela to save Parmenion, Layla gave up the opportunity to kill Miller to save the still-bound Imogen from the falling debris. The consolation prize was the death of the surviving vampires, formerly students, who were knocked down by Layla throwing the beam at them, and easily finished off.

After St. Thom Huell's victory over Greater Rosewater Comprehensive in a rugby match, Layla was involved in rescuing Barnaby after he tried to head off Ned and Brian Phillips, who had turned into trolls. Prior to this, she had been involved in a break-in of Mr. Woodbridge's office, where the circumstances of the rugby team's new sponsors, in particular Phillips Gardening Consortium, were discovered, leading to suspicions about the new jerseys and energy drinks provided. Though Robert and Imogen would do the majority of the work figuring out the danger an unknowing Barnaby was in, Layla contributed in the end by drawing the twins' attention in the fight and wounding them, so that Robert and Imogen could cut off their jerseys.

Layla did not attend the Brain Olympics in London, having not been selected for the STH quiz team due to her relatively low knowledge scores.

After visiting The Basement nightclub, Layla engaged in a first, and managed to kill or wound a number of vampires using her wood-sheathed stiletto heels with as much efficacy as she would with an ordinary stake. The shoes were ultimately destroyed to kill the vampire biker boss, and Robert was enlisted to design a pair of strengthened footwear for this purpose. It is not known how far along he is in this process. During the Unending Night incident, Layla also managed to perform an extraordinary stunt, running down a chain suspended between a moving bus and a motorbike, killing the rider with the shoe and taking control of the vehicle. She also managed a number of other kills while on the motorbike, though she was eventually dismounted. This was remarkable considering her complete lack of driving experience.

Despite doing PE, Layla was not involved in a school sport. After a discussion with Barnaby, she attempted to try out for the rugby team despite Mr. Woodbridge's initial protestations. After an initially-failed attempt to ruck against Ned, her anger and pride got the better of her and she threw Ned across the pitch, resulting in Mr. Woodbridge ordering her back to her dorms.

However, when faced with a stone golem, unleashed after a field trip to the local museum, Layla was faced with a troubling amount of difficulty which seemed to surpass anything which she had come across previously. Due to the natural armour of the Mesopotamian creature, her unarmed attacks had little effect. It is noted that of Layla's attacks against the Golem, one of the most successful may have been the attack on the Golem's groin area, despite it lacking genitals entirely. However, she still managed to exploit her abilities to distract the Golem for over an hour after an exhausting, drawn-out straight fight and assist in its deactivation.

Was of great value during the fight against penrose first by holding the dagon sphere against him after  he got turned into a bunny by Violet. The dagon sphere sucked some of his powers from him. Then layla beats the living shit out of him.

After the fight went on a patrol to hunt vampires. came back  from the patrol but heard the gunfire when she was near the school. She quickly found an assault rifle with a note from miller. Layla followed his tracks to a warehouse (closely followed by Barnaby). got in the warehouse by jumping down the skylight. fought together with Barnaby against 10 vampires but got really hurt by the vampires in the fight (bitten, shot, hit with a pipe). manages to stab one of the vampires in the crotch with a stake. when millers soul gets restored doubts about killing him, but end up doing it so that Barnaby wouldn't have to life with the guilt of killing him. she hears Robert falling to the ground and brings him to the hospital. She visits Imogen when she gets brought her in and apologizes for putting her in harms way due to being close to the slayer. She than says she likes Imogen and kisses her before leaving the room.

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