"Slayer, The Chosen One: She alone wields the strength and skill to stand against the vampires, demons, and the forces of darkness."

Layla transfers to St. Thom Huell after her parents moved for business and dumped her at a boarding school.

Not unaccustomed to trouble, both mundane and mystical, she spends her days pursuing her personal academic interest of of how to duck classes and dodge teachers, an easy feat considering what she faces at night.

By night she somewhat reluctantly faces down the forces of darkness, dealing with things that are most definitely not rabbits and gardening tools...

Not much is yet known about her history, although she has dodged questions regarding fire and her old school. Whatever occurred seems to have made her more cautious regrading fire, as despite being a rebel, she will not falsely pull the fire alarm in episode 3.

With only four months experience as the Slayer, she has has her hands full with moving to a new country as well as dealing with the local evils, but this time she has a few people who she may almost be able to call friends.

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