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"Promise it's not a joke." - Imogen Parker
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"Barnaby, take it off! Take off your jersey!" - Imogen Parker

"Help me fucking save their lives." - Imogen Parker

Imogen Parker is a student at St. Thom Huell and practicing witch, though the latter fact is known only to a select few. Mainstay of the group and probably the most directly active member, Imogen is highly-driven and a catalyst for many of the group's actions, involved in planning, research and direct combat.


Witchery, Initially for Academic PurposesEdit

Imogen took up magic through the guise of studying Classics (and as such is fluent in classical Latin and Greek, but also has some knowledge of other ancient languages), initially in an attempt to be able to have a chance of surviving the year.

Imogen first became fully involved in the shenanigans around St. Thom Huell after attending a biology class which she shared with Robert and Barnaby, where she was introduced to the new American student, Layla Smith, who turned out to be her new roommate.

Desiring to have some privacy, she had managed to scare off her old roommate with an illusionary spider and tried the same on Layla, only to have the plan backfire, causing some initial tension between the two.

"Oh my God, Vampires are real!" Edit

Things quickly improved between Imogen and her new roomate as Layla ends up revealing vampires and the like, already accustomed to the occult, she is able to maintain her composure when fighting the forces of darkness.

Imogen quickly adapted to the revelations of the supernatural being a major force.

After Barnaby and the STH Rugby Team demolished Greater Rosewater Comprehensive's rugby team, Imogen was involved in the investigation of the magical effects she observed on the rugby field. In the process, she impersonated James with an illusion spell and some acting, drawing Mr. Woodbridge away for Layla and Robert to investigate his office. Later, she managed to distract a male prefect to get a hold of one of the rugby jerseys.

Having realised that the jerseys were the cause of the transformation by the Rugby team, the group went to Nando's to help Barnaby. There, Imogen yelled at Barnaby to take off his jersey in public. A highly confused Barnaby, still holding affections for Imogen, did so with some reluctance. Eventually, Ned and Brian were cut from their jerseys.

Imogen was heavily involved in the research to help James, using the Ammit Scarab Barnaby brought back from the Alexandria to improve Barnaby's knowledge in a test run.

Imogen confronted Mr. Miller, who had reappeared in as a biology teacher one day, having messed with the gas taps in the lab to act as an example of MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) so that Imogen nor Barnaby could attempt to kill him. Imogen verbally confronted Miller while ordering Barnaby to open the windows and blinds. Physically cornering Mr. Miller as a result of the sunlight, he beat a retreat. However, he left a message for her: five students impaled by a pipe in the girls' toilets each holding notes holding her responsible for their deaths.

The Dangers of Magic Edit

After Miller killed 5 students and he blamed their death on Imogen, she was furious and was planning revenge. She convinced Violet to help her torture Miller (by using a spell that would restore his soul, Miller than would know about the things he did as a vampire and suffer for it).

In the end Layla convinced her that revenge isn't the answer and afterwards Imogen was ashamed that she almost worked together with a vengeance demon.

During the fight against Penrose Imogen used a spell that can pull the blood from someone's body, she enjoyed doing it and became sadistic again.

After the fight with Penrose the group partied in the girls room. Mr miller ambushed the group and fired an assault rifle magazine into the room from a building about 300 meter from the dorm room. Both Robert and James got hit, Barnaby screams for Imogen helps and she runs to the room topless. When she enters the room she sees that both James and Robert are hit. She quickly realizes that James is dead and that Robert might be saved, before trying to heal Robert she promises James that she will find a way to bring him back.

Imogen uses her healing spell to save Robert, however due to Imogen pushing the spell to the extreme (Her spell normally requires time to setup and heals overtime, now she tries to heal Robert in seconds) she channels power that weren't meant to be channeled that way, due to this she start levitating, her eyes change to black and she becomes drunk on magic. She managed to open a portal to the magic plane within her self ,allowing direct acces to an unlimited amount of magic. Violet sees what is happening and tried to prevent this by turning Imogen in a bunny, but failed. 

After healing Robert she flies out of the window and to the golem in an attempt to get the heart of the golem which could be used for a spell. While levitating to the golem realizes she's in pain and drains life from a tree and uses her telekinesis to break the golem open and acquire the heart.

With the help of Violet and Miller's journal she restores Millers soul. Afterwards she realizes protecting her friends in more important than vengeance and decides not to wake the people Miller harmed but to find her friends and help them might him. Loses her extra powers before she can locate them and has to go to the hospital. Gets visited by Layla in the hospital and talk how they both blame themselves for James death (Imogen for not being able to help, Layla for putting her in danger for being friends with the slayer). Layla than tells Imogen she likes her and kisses her. Imogen gets confused but tries to kiss her back, Layla leaves the room shortly after.

After the death of Mr. Miller, Imogen and Violet split the books obtained from Penemue's corpse between them, with Violet taking the larger one. While Imogen and Layla were having issues over their relationship after James' funeral, Violet got trapped in the book, which contained a portal to The Library of Fates Told. A drunken Layla followed after finding Violet's door open, followed by Imogen.

In the Library the three were trapped and encountered dangerous arachnid guardians, before figuring out that the books there contained the record of everyone's lives. After a harrowing chase through the library, the idea finally came to the two, after encountering Violet, to use the pen acquired from Penemue's remains to write in Robert's book to alert him. While Robert raced to Violet's room, the three were cornered, but were given reprieve when Imogen successfully cast an illusion over herself, impersonating the full form of Penemue, which managed to drive the arachnids away long enough for Robert and Barnaby to teleport them back through to their own dimension.

Reading Robert's book, Imogen was enraged to read that Robert had taken Penemue's books, especially those useful to resurrection, and hidden them. Eventually she yielded and apologised somewhat to Robert.

After the attempt to contact Heaven, Imogen like the rest of her friends was temporarily possessed by an alternate self. While the four were in this state, Imogen observed Layla, whom she had finally began a romantic relationship with, flirting with and apparently making out with Brian.

Later, Imogen left to research the matter, taking the bus to Barnaby's storage unit which contained Penemue's library. She was then taken over by her alternate self, burning some of the books. When the others went to confront her, alt-Imogen was infuriated by Layla's apparent dalliances with Brian, and thus drained Robert's blood in revenge.

After the four were exorcised by Violet, Imogen felt extremely guilty over draining Robert's blood and resolved to stop using combat magic. Later, she visited Robert in the hospital where the two reached an agreement, Imogen disbelieving of Robert's trust in her. She offered to heal him, but was thwarted by the entrance of a nurse. She later repeated it an succeeded in healing Robert. Later that night Robert called the group for help after seeing a monster in a dark coat and hat kill a man in a ward, and Imogen and the others (along with Violet) rushed to help him. Imogen helped the others talk their way out of situations, especially when they encountered staff members, when they walked around the hospital in the middle of the night, chastising the others for attempting to lie, badly.

After reaching a dead end and with casualties mounting, the others went to research, with Imogen driven by Barnaby to the storage units, where she found out that the monster, Der Kindestod, was invisible to all but the hallucinating, the very ill, and those with magical sight. They returned to encounter Layla dnd Robert losing a fight against the invisible monster, Imogen eventually able to see it. Having restricted herself in not using offensive magic, Imogen cast a fog on the monster to make it easier to perceive and used telekinesis to throw the contents of a cart at the monster.

With Rob re-committed as a result of being clawed by Der Kindestod, Imogen took his homework to the hospital regularly and offered to heal him again. He agreed, and she attempted to cast a ritual to create a healing potion. However, she was distracted by two old men (sharing the ward) who assumed that Robert was "getting lucky", as Imogen and Robert were hidden behind the privacy curtain. Imogen swore at them, messing up the spell, so that when Robert drunk the potion the cells around his windpipe and throat proliferated at an extraordinary rate, causing them to swell and choking Robert. Imogen immediately wrenched open the door with telekinesis and calling for help from the staff. She was escorted out and asked Barnaby for a lift, telling him that she might have tried to kill Bobert again.

Personality and traits Edit

Opinionated, forceful and fiercely loyal to her friends, Imogen stands out among them as the witch of the group, the most skilled at magic and the occult. As she herself noted, however, she was not particularly extraordinary in other fields: not as physically adept as Layla, as attractive as Barnaby or as intelligent as Robert.

Previously somewhat of a social outcast thanks to her behaviour and her looking up to the teaching staff, she predominantly associated and became acquainted with the other disparate nerds, the teaching staff and the student officers. Imogen doesn't believe she is attractive in any way and believes no one likes her, this was made clear when Layla tried to convince Imogen that Barnaby liked her, Imogen believed he was purely interested in her notes even after being several people agreed with Layla that Barnaby likes her.

As a consequence of her previously-outcast nature, with her only friend being Robert, whom she regards as her conscience, Imogen is protective of her friends and willing to help them. While James was affected by Pennemue's intelligence draining, she helped James get his intelligence back for a few hours a day so he and Barnaby could spend time together. She also supercharged her healing spell without any regard for her own safety in order to heal Robert.

Imogen possesses a strained relationship with her rather large family, with her parents often telling her how well her brother and sister are doing; a number of her elder siblings managed to make it to Oxbridge. However, she visited her family during a school week suggesting she does care for them, and they may have visited her several times while she was in hospital.

She doesn't mind lying or using spells to convince people to get what she wants or to get out of trouble, and used both her magic and her influence several times.

Imogen is a kleptomaniac and posses unnaturally bad luck. She also possesses The Sight which allows her to observe the presence of magic.


Imogen was initially meant to have mousy, dull brown hair however with the amount increasing fan art of Imogen portaying her to have blue hair it was accepted that Imogen had blue hair like her player RandomTuesday.

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