Imogen Parker is a student at St. Thom Huell and practicing witch, though the latter fact is known only to a select few. Imogen took up magic through the guise of studying Classics (and as such is fluent in classical Latin and Greek, but also has some knowledge of other ancient languages), initially in an attempt to be able to have a chance of surviving the year. Desiring to have some privacy, she managed to scare off her old roommate with an illusionary spider. After finding out that Layla is her new roommate, she tries the same, only to have the plan backfire causing some initial tension between the two of them.

Things quickly improve as Layla ends up revealing vampires and the like, already accustomed to the occult, she is able to maintain her composure when fighting the forces of darkness.

Previously somewhat of a social outcast thanks to her behaviour and her looking up to the teaching staff, she predominantly associated and became acquainted with the other disparate nerds, the teaching staff and the student officers.

Imogen is a kleptomaniac and posses unnaturally bad luck.

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