The Yolonda System is an inhabited trinary star system in the hydra sector.

Star(s) Edit

S2 is a hierarchical triple star system, so it has three stars.

Its primary star is a large F-Class main-sequence star.

Orbiting this primary star is a pair of smaller and cooler stars that orbit each other, described as orange main-sequence stars.

Planets Edit

  • Yolonda[1] C3, a planet harboring a spacefaring civilization. It has 3 different townships and a few outposts. It has a very thin atmosphere, earth-like gravity and a somewhat cold climate.
  • Several uninhabited planets

Know Space Stations and Ships Edit

  • Daedalus Station.
  • Ulysses, a mining vessel in orbit around Yolonda C3. Jumped out.
  • Poseidon, a fuel tanker in orbit around Yolonda C3. disillusioned with the group.

Story Edit

Cooper piloted the DSRV-1 there in Episode 1, jumping blindly in an attempt to escape the unknown assailants attacking the HMS Intrepid in System S1.