"And with that you have a very lovely afternoon with an old lady who talks a lot about her cats." -EnterElysium

Story Edit

Diana Taylor is a minor character that has appeared in episodes 3 through 5 of Shadowrun Season 2. She is a sweet old lady that lives in Room 123 in the same apartment block as, and in fact next door to, the Aztechnology strike team that the players are tasked with taking down. Her intrusive nature posed an annoyance for the Aztechnology Spec Ops team next door. As a result Lydia decided to kill her, but she was saved by J4D3 damaging Lydia's pistol with a data spike through the matrix, drawing her attention. Diana was then lured out of her apartment by Tag for her safety, subsequently being taken out for coffee by J4D3.

Spending the afternoon with her granted J4D3 the knowledge skill "Domestic Cats" for free, along with Diana as a connection 0, loyalty 3 contact labeled "Cat Specialist".

However, about a month later the group found out that the old lady had died roughly one week after her interaction with them. While it was quite obvious she had been murdered, the hit was executed professionally, and Knight Errant did close the investigation, deeming it an accident by choking on pineapple pizza. Both her cats, Sir Mittens and Periwinkle, were also supposedly killed. Likewise they supposedly somehow both choked on pizza, as the coroner would have it. Later, however, it turned out that Periwinkle survived.

EnterElysium hinted at the reason for her death being that she was seen riding a cab along with J4D3 from and to the apartment, so she was murdered by Aztechnology to send a message.

Personal Information Edit

She had two cats that she was very fond of talking about, Sir Mittens and Periwinkle (not to be confused with the infamous nature spirit Periwinkle).

She has a son by the name of Dean Taylor, but according to Lydia nobody ever checked on her. Still, after her mysterious death he is very concerned and is trying to find out what happened to his mother.

Trivia Edit

  • Sir Mittens ate a potted plant shortly before the events of episode 5, which did not agree with his stomach.
  • Periwinkle had to get her claws clipped, which she was not very fond of.
  • After Diana's death J4D3 offered to find a home for Periwinkle or else take her in herself.
  • According to her son she was a bit racist towards italians and would avoid italian food.
  • She did like pineapple, but not on a pizza.