"There are some people that need to be killed, that are just too evil to be redeemed. These are those people."

Demon Core is an organization of toxic mages currently operating in the SOX. They are important antagonists in Season 2 of Shadowrun.

General Information Edit

They have an affinity for radiation and are aligned to the patron spirit Doom, which seeks the end of all life on earth. As such, they attempt to cause as much death and destruction as they possibly can, preferably by radiation.

While starting out as environmentalists concerned with the pollution of earth by metahumanity, they came to the radical conclusion that metahumanity has no right to exist on this planet. They find a sense of poetic justice in poisoning metahumanity with radiation; a fitting punishment for having polluted the earth with it.

The organization is named after the Demon core, a piece of plutonium that was involved in two critical accidents with fatalities due to radiation poisoning.

Their symbol is a shaded sphere, presumably representing the spherical piece of plutonium that is their namesake. Every member bears this insignia on their armor, made from a radioactive material and somehow magically active.

Members Edit

Their members are described as somewhat disfigured and mutated by radiation, but it does not seem to do them significant harm. In fact, it strengthens their magical powers.

Their top three members are named after the three biggest nuclear detonations in history and bear the flags of the associated countries:

  1. Tsar (Soviet Union), an initiated mage
  2. Bravo (United States of America), an adept
  3. No. 6 (China), a mundane gunslinger

Apart from them, the group has at least a dozen additional members that were present at the handover of the orichalcum.

Story Edit

They were handed the large shipment of orichalcum that the party was tracking into the SOX, which most definitely plays into Ruhrmetall's plan to lower Saeder-Krupp's stock prices.

According to James, the scout from the catholic community in the SOX, they plan to somehow poison the Great Dragon Lofwyr and 'break the corporate hold on gaia', presumable by using the orichalcum to empower a massive spell. While dangerous mages and powerful in their own rights, they never had the resources to do something on that scale in the past without the backing of a large company.

Rumor has it that Aztechnology attempted to recruit them, but their views were supposedly too extreme (as well as unproductive) even for Aztech.

They currently hold J4D3's mother captive in their base south of Gaiasphere III in the SOX and use her as a spell link to target J4D3.

The runners break into a bunker to find J4D3's mother and Aavak's charater Balthier