David was an old man in Shadowrun Season 1, who made the mistake of wondering what was on his roof. He came out to investigate and found Caber. Caber chose to shoot him in order to retain his cover. Caber then returned to overwatching the other runners. A few moments passed, and then David became famous when his wife called out an innocent, "Daviiid?" Caber then repeated the previous action and shot David's wife. It is likely his fame came from the humor and surprise in the way his wife called for him.

David returns near the end of the season, having had his life ruined, as a ghoul. At this point he carried the severed hand of his wife Beatrice around his neck, having eaten the rest of her body.

David took up residence in the sewers of London, near the entrance to the "Base" the runners had found, known as the HMS Belfast. He remained there presumably until the end the season, occasionally being red the job of body disposal by the group.