"A corpse cannot speak, and if it can, it's heresy." - Carolinus

Carolinus Dracul was a Tech-Priest and Medicae. Carolinus was born and spent majority of his life onboard a spaceship, before joining the Inqustion. He had two mechadendrites, optical and medicae. Carolinus spent some time with a highly heretical book made out of flesh and it seemed to have organs. Cause of death: awesome flamer explostion

After Carolinus' death on Syrae Custodas his skull was transferred into a servo skull.

Game Master None
Main Cast Sudo [SR1, SR2]Carolinus Dracul [DH]Enoch Epidicus [DH]Nos'on Silwét [D&D]Lt. Rolf Taggart [SWN]Ulysses [SWN]Balthier [SR2]
Guest and Specials Cast None