Brian is a member of the St. Thom Huell Rugby team along with his brother Ned. In episode 3 they are briefly turned into troll by magic jerseys donated to the team by their parents.

Due to unfortunate circumstances concerning a case of being braggadocio, Brian openly expressed an interest in knowning Layla intimately in class. Due to the after-effects of Robert contacting Heaven, Layla was possessed by an alternate-self which lacked inhibitions. This took prominence during lunchtime, where she charmed Brian before dragging him off, apparently to bonk, in front of a stunned Imogen (her girlfriend), Robert, Barnaby and Ned.

Later, Brian returned to the cafeteria, proclaiming that Layla was "a dynamo in the sac-", evidently giving off the impression that they had bonked. As Layla stood up to object, Brian slapped her on the behind.

Layla, restored to her normal personality, threw a punch at Brian's head that failed to connect. She later landed a hit that definitely did connect, punching Brian in the lower body. Brian's femur was broken and Layla's fist connected with Brian's gentleman's area, causing him great pain and making him collapse to the ground.

It was noted that a substantial "cracking" sound followed by a "squishing" sound occurred.

It later transpired that Brian and Layla did not bonk, and at most possibly kissed.

Brian's state of health is unknown, but it is not believed to be good.