Bravo is a toxic adept and second-in-command of Demon Core.

General Information Edit

As #2 of the top 3 of Demon Core his associated atom bomb is the second biggest nuclear device ever detonated, the Castle Bravo. That makes his associated country the United States of America, whose flag he displays on his armor.

Not much is known about him other than that he is an adept and used to be a brawler with a bit of a mixed background, following his own mentor spirit which is not Doom. His stare is described as baleful.

He fights with knuckle dusters which act as magical foci for him. They have the radiation symbol engraved on every knuckle. They are described as visibly glowing whenever he takes a swing with them. At the time of his death only one of them was finished, he was still working on the second one.

Story Edit

Bravo was stationed at the bunker where Mary Williams, J4D3's mother, was being held prisoner when it was raided by the party.

He knocked out Deadbolt when he accidentally came face-to-face with him upon Deadbolt entering the bunker and took him to the cells. After that he stealthed in a nearby room and ambushed Tag when he passed by, dealing decent stun damage.

Peppered by Gato and his drones' gel round fire he retreated back to the room, where J4D3 followed and ended him with a single round from her Ares Predator to the face.