Blacksun is a recurring NPC decker, featured in season 1 of Shadowrun. He was first introduced when the team was looking for a stand-in for Sudo, as Aavak could not make the stream for the night. He was advertised by their fixer as a troll decker of undeclared gender, though the team has taken to referring to him as male.

He has helped the team during multiple runs (framing tiny for drug use and extracting a scientist from a marine research station) as well as many miscellaneous tasks. He is also known to provide matrix support for caber's street doc.

Despite his many appearances, he has never appeared in meatspace and has only ever communicated via short text messages and emojis. This reluctance to show his face has led to many speculations among the group and community both as to his real identity, including the option that he may be an AI. It was later confirmed by EnterElysium that Blacksun was indeed an AI.

One of his trademarks is to simply reply to requests for small matrix-related tasks with an uncommented quote for 500 nuyen, his standard rate.

Among the Roll4It fan base, the name Blacksun is strongly associated with the user blacksun388, a very active member of the community known among other things for providing a very detailed summary for every Roll4It stream, including season 1 and season 2 of Shadowrun.